Under proposed changes, you may be eligible to claim as a deduction the excess EPSP amount contributed on your behalf to an EPSP. For more information, and to calculate your deduction, complete Form RC359, Tax on Excess Employees Profit‑Sharing Plan Amounts.

Complete Form T777, Statement of Employment Expenses, to give us details of your deductions and calculations for your expenses (except those related to an employees profit‑sharing plan). Guide T4044, Employment Expenses, contains Form T777 and other forms you will need. The guide also explains the conditions that apply when you claim these expenses.

Supporting documents – If you are filing electronically, keep all your documents in case we ask to see them at a later date. If you are filing a paper return, attach your completed Form T777 and/or Form RC359, but do not send your other documents. Keep them in case we ask to see them at a later date.

Tax Tip
You may be eligible for a rebate of any GST/HST you paid as part of your expenses (see line 457).