“Professional Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers with Over 40 Years of Experience. Our Mission is to Provide Accurate, Professional Bookkeeping and Tax Services for Corporate, Non-Profits, Small Businesses, and Farms”

About us…

We offer the same bookkeeping services in your office as we do in ours. We will go to your office at your convenience and provide you with the same excellent services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. basis.

our service does not end with the preparation of your income tax return, we provide you with year-round tax support. We even help you respond to CRA inquiries.

We keep a copy of supporting documents in our office, so we are able to respond quickly and accurately to CRA’s request for documents and send you a copy for your record.

Note that people who charge more per hour are generally more efficient than those who charge less, with the result that some of the most experienced bookkeepers who charge more per hour turn out to be the least expensive because of their efficiency.

The difference between a good bookkeeper and a better bookkeeper is not the software they use but the professional knowledge and experience that they have. I have seen it far too many times with clients coming to me and saying “I had a bookkeeper, but my files are a mess!” or “I cannot understand what they are doing”.

having expertise, experience, professionalism, and competent people on your team is a valuable and worthwhile investment in yourself and your company for sustainability and future growth. having the correct financial procedures and cash management methods in place, based on analytic reports and regular health checks, is just part of having a proven bookkeeping system and what JP Bookkeeping & Tax Services Inc. system provides.

we care about you and your business success. Our professional and proven business methods are quickly gaining JP Bookkeeping & Tax Services Inc. the reputation of the new age of bookkeeping.

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what we offer:

Meet Our Team

Joanne Pilon

Joanne Pilon, Owner/Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Ann Boll, Senior Bookkeeper/Office Manager
Todd Parisee, Bookkeeper
Mimi Hannant-Steffler, Reception